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We Are
West Central Community Action

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Our Mission:

Empowering families and individuals to achieve their highest potential. 

Our Vision:
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Enhanced quality of life for communities, families, and individuals.  

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West Central Community Action is a non-profit organization located in Harlan Iowa. We strive by empowering families and individuals to achieve their highest potential in a variety of different ways. WCCA offers low-income resources to aid families in Iowa. 

“West Central worked with me for years! I am finally standing on my own feet. Couldn't have done it without WCCA! ” 


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Job Interview

Now Hiring

For more information regarding West Central Community Action job opportunities check out our career page. 

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How are we doing?

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Location and Hours


1408 "A" Hwy 44 

Harlan, Iowa 51537

Hours of Operation: 

Monday - Friday

8:00 - 4:30

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